Ethics & sustainability


At Lovaan, we make and celebrate beautifully designed clothes honestly and responsibly.
Lovaan is centered around considered decisions that leave our customers feeling good about their purchases, from sharing the stories and origins of where and how Lovaan was created, to education about keeping and wearing your garments for more than just a season.
We are navigating this journey with honesty and transparency, sharing milestones with you every step of the way.
If you have any feedback or ideas, we would love to hear from you at so that we can grow together.


Our impact

We acknowledge that we are part of an industry that has an enormous impact on the environment, and we are passionate about approaching all areas of our business in a way that creates better outcomes for our planet and people.
As a new brand, we are actively developing our impact strategy, which will align with our passionate approach to creating positive change.
We are fortunate to be growing Lovaan in a world full of accessible information, education and rapidly evolving technologies. With passionate support behind us, we can make better, more positive decisions.


Social responsibilities

We are committed to building and nurturing respectful, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with our factories and suppliers. We will always treat our customers, the people within our business, our supply chain and our world with a kind and fair approach.
We share our customers' conscious values, and as we evolve, we are exploring partnerships with organisations that can help us to create positive change.


Production & pace

At Lovaan, our model is to drop smaller collections at an organic pace, which not only prioritises our creativity and design processes but is also kinder to the world and our supply chain. We believe that a seasonless approach to design is the way forward as our wardrobes become more versatile and timeless in an ever-changing climate.
Buying less but buying better is important to us, and we want you to love your pieces now and for many years to come.
Designed by our team in Australia and created in partnership with our manufacturers in India and China, our collections are made to high-quality standards in materials and production, with longevity top of mind.
We produce small quantities of each design, which allows us to trial and test the demand for styles without being left with surplus stock. We are exploring pre-order options and trunk shows, which will further cater to our customers while avoiding overproduction.