Our story

The Lovaan brand


Lovaan designs romantic pieces infused with the essence of human connection and cherished memories to bring you joy and nostalgic delight. Forget seasons, enjoy collecting. 


Lovaan’s founder, Anna Pipkorn, remembers exploring her grandmothers’ wardrobes as a child. There were dresses with exquisite finishes, hand-knitted patterned jumpers, jewellery glistening irresistibly in the light and timeless accessories that held a thousand stories. But the most amazing quality? These pieces were worn lovingly for years, and on each occasion, they looked as timeless as ever.


Lovaan makes you clothing like it used to be. 


The name Lovaan comes from a blend of Anna’s grandmothers’ names: Lorna, and Val. These humble women created a world where people felt loved, happy and cared for—emotions we want you to feel when wearing Lovaan.