We have given mindful consideration in our approach to packaging your order.
Packaging isn't just what you see when your garment arrives. It's also used behind the scenes, in our manufacturing process and in transit to keep your garment safe and protected on its journey to you.
Our chosen partner for the majority of our packaging supplies is Grounded Packaging, a B-Corp-certified business. Grounded are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to having a positive impact on the world, extending well beyond replacing plastics.
We've chosen to use elements within our packaging that can be recycled, composted (both at home or commercially), or re-purposed, ensuring that our packaging approach is kind to the environment.
Discover more about our packaging below, and learn the easiest way to ensure your packaging ends up in the right place at the end of its life.


Recycled poly bag

Recycled poly bags keep your garments safe and protected on their journey from our manufacturers to our place of distribution. Once we unpack the garment from the poly bag to send to you, we re-use or recycle these at Lovaan HQ.


Lovaan dust bag

Your garment is delivered to you in our buttery soft Lovaan dust bags. After you’ve unpacked your piece, your dust bag can be repurposed for other uses. They make great fruit bags at the grocery store, and even better storage protectors to keep the dust off your favourite shoes. Our dust bags are made from organic cotton.


Lovaan eco shipping box 

Our eco mailer boxes are made from FSC-certified paper, a biodegradable material, and are printed with non-toxic inks. We love to reuse our Lovaan eco boxes for storage and keeping our drawers tidy. But if your box is ready for its next life, it can easily be composted in your home compost within 3-6 months or in a commercial compost.


Lovaan customer note

The customer note you may receive with your purchase is made from FSC-certified paper and is home-compostable.


Lovaan shipping sticker 

Our Lovaan shipping stickers are made with FSC-certified materials and are BPA-free.


Lovaan swing tags

Our Lovaan swing tags are 100% recyclable and compostable, and made with FSC-certified materials.