In an Australian Light by Jo Turner

The Australian landscape is a constant source of inspiration for us, particularly in the midst of summer. It’s the light that makes the land so distinctive, and our favourite coffee table book, In An Australian Light by Jo Turner, captures this completely. Over a cup of tea, we love getting lost in the jewel-toned oceans, red soil, warm-hued sand, rocks, and the deep-green leaves of gum trees, whose trunks look like they have been painted by an Impressionist brush. These trees reach up to a vivid blue sky that is often dabbed with pillowy white clouds. In the tropical north, rainforests provide dense canopies where the harsh rays are filtered into a soft yellow. Australia’s rich natural history has created a unique landscape that glows with the sun's brilliance. Beauty is everywhere. Take a moment to savour it.




  1. A paddle boarder at Mount Martha, Victoria.
  2. Orange sun-tinted sands and sun shading tree canopies.
  3. Patterns in eucalyptus leaves.
  4. Bush magic soundtracked by a kookaburra.
  5. A stumpy tail (shingleback) lizard absorbs the sun’s sting.
  6. Water patterns mimic the peeling bark of gum trees.
  7. The sun sets over the Pyrenees mountain range.