Introducing Share Lovaan

At Lovaan, sharing lies at our core.


Our brand thrives on human connection, drawing inspiration from the love, care and happiness passed down by our grandmothers. That's why we offer not only new, enduring garments but also pre-loved pieces brimming with precious memories, all in immaculate condition.

Share Lovaan, developed in partnership with rental platform Rntr, is a special service that allows you to rent select pieces from past and current collections for up to several days via our website. 

With Share Lovaan, we hope to foster circularity in fashion and unite the Lovaan family through a shared appreciation for beautiful clothing on special occasions.

Each Lovaan piece is timeless, transcending seasons, which is why we’re granting you access to every chapter of our story. Whether you seek a dress for a wedding or a cosy knit for a few days of nourishment, we have a Lovaan treasure for you to borrow and adore. 


How does Share Lovaan work? 

Selected Lovaan styles are available to rent on our website.

To rent a piece, simply click 'Rent' at checkout if the style is available, then choose the number of days you would like to rent it for. 

Leave the rest to us! We’ll carefully pack your order and send it to your chosen address on your selected date.


Start exploring Lovaan collections to find your next rental piece.