How to capture timeless moments on film.

There's a certain magic to documenting life's most precious moments. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a heartfelt gathering or a deeply personal occasion, the way we choose to capture these memories often becomes an extension of the experience itself.


At Lovaan, we've always been drawn to the timeless elegance of occasion wear—pieces that transcend seasons and hold a special place in your story. And just like these pieces, we find ourselves captivated by the nostalgic charm of film photography, which is why we've always shot our campaigns in film.


Film offers a unique experience. The anticipation of waiting for developed photos, the soft grain that imbues each image with a touch of mystery and the way it seems to crystallise a specific mood or atmosphere. Each of these elements resonates with the enduring beauty and lasting memories associated with timeless garments. There's a sense of intentionality with film, a deliberate approach that aligns perfectly with the thoughtful selection of a perfect dress for a momentous event.


For any film enthusiasts out there, here are some tips to consider before you step behind the lens.


Experiment with film types

For a dreamier, almost blurred effect, try a slower shutter speed. For capturing intricate details, consider a higher film speed, which is better suited to low-light situations, such as getting ready indoors.


Embrace the light

Good lighting is key to highlighting the texture and design of your look. Natural light is often best but play around with different lighting sources to see what works. For indoor shots, position yourself near a window with diffused light.


Focus on details

Get close-up shots of the intricate detail on your dress, the way the fabric flows or the luxurious texture of the material. Also, consider telling a story. Perhaps you’re wearing a vintage piece that belonged to a relative—capture those details to build a narrative.


Capture candid moments

Don't forget the candid moments! Capture the joy of getting ready with loved ones or the genuine emotions of the occasion itself.


Set the mood with colour

Different film stocks offer a range of colour profiles. Warm tones can create a summery feel, while cooler tones lend a sophisticated air to formal events. For a timeless and classic aesthetic, don’t forget black and white film.


Film photography and occasion wear share a common thread—both are about capturing timeless moments that deserve to be cherished. Just as your special occasion dress becomes a treasured memory, a film photograph holds a story within its frame, a window into a precious time in your life.


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