Gildas & negronis

Few things can beat a summer aperitivo in the sun. For us this season, it’s a negroni and Gildas, the latter inspired by a trip to the bars of San Sebastián a few years ago.

The staple Basque pintxo takes its name from Rita Hayworth’s character ‘Gilda’ in the eponymous film. Hayworth's Gilda was somewhat salty, green and spicy, just like this little morsel.


Gilda pintxos


Pitted green olives (we like Spanish manzanilla)

Guindilla peppers (or any small pickled green pepper)

Anchovies in olive oil

Olive oil



Thread the end of an anchovy filet onto a toothpick and layer on half of a pepper. Twist the anchovy around the pepper, skewering as you go, then add your olive. Continue wrapping the anchovy around the olive and finish with the other end of the pepper. Repeat with your other toothpicks and finish by drizzling a ribbon of olive oil over your Gildas.



25 ml gin

25 ml red sweet vermouth

25 ml Campari


Orange peel

Pour the gin, vermouth and Campari into a mixing glass and stir with ice until the outside is shockingly cold. Strain into a tumbler and add lots of ice. Garnish with a twist of orange peel. If you fancy a vermouth instead, simply pour over a tumbler full of ice, stir and add the orange peel.


1. Rita Hayworth’s character ‘Gilda’ in the eponymous film

2. Vintage cocktails