Within the cherished confines of our founder's grandmother's home, memories bloomed like a dream. Perennial florals of the late 80's and early 90's inspired vintage prints and embroidery. Family heirlooms, such as hand-crocheted tablecloths, became blouses and dresses, while vintage brooches, steeped in stories, led to delicate scalloped edges. 
Each Hers piece is unique and timeless, designed to take you through a passage to a precious time passed. A world full of joy.
Explore our first chapter, Hers. 

Photography: Aaron Crossman 
Videography: Naomi Eliav
Styling & art direction: Rachel Bakewell
Hair & make-up: Elliot McQueen 
Models: Montana Cox & Hayett Belarbi-McCarthy
July 2023